Saturday, January 29, 2011

Emily's Thoughts

"During retreat we played a game when we got 13 words and had to make a song. A lot of songs were copied but we had a lot of fun. Personally mine was the best!"

-Emily Bahm

Kayla's Thoughts

"This was my first YPC retreat and, if I do say so myself, it has been the 2nd most fun YPC function I have ever attended, other than camp. All of my friends from YPC have allowed me to realize it’s okay to be who I really am. When I am at school, I usually just do whatever is necessary to fit in. Spending time and bonding with the other YPC choristers was a great experience for me because it allowed me to get to know the new members, and it allowed me to further bond with my old friends. I don’t plan to ever leave YPC (until I’m 18), and I can’t wait for the next YPC retreat (or camp!)"

-Kayla McGrath

Devin's Thoughts

"As a veteran of YPC, I was very excited to be having yet another retreat because it provides a great opportunity to have the new choristers open up and get to know the members of YPC as well as letting us get to know them. Unfortunately I will probably have only one more retreat in my YPC life due to my graduation in 2012, so I enjoy the opportunity to come and be with friends who seem like family to me. I feel it helps us increase and strengthen our relationships. This retreat has been great for bonding and has allowed the old as well as the new choristers to be involved in games that allow everyone’s personality and ideas to be represented. I feel that this was a very fun and productive activity and time well spent. YPC will continue to grow more and more as the years progress if we do things like this more often. Last, but not least, I really do appreciate Dr. Bishop, and his faculty/staff, for picking a stupendous place for us to have this retreat. It has been a fun and informative retreat spending it here at the Watson & Curtze Mansion!"
Devin Hinchman

Kristin's Thoughts

"I really liked that this retreat was at the Watson-Curtze mansion. It’s not only nice to get to bond with the other choristers, but it’s also nice to hear about the history of the mansion and of Erie. We played all these games to get to work better as a group and to get to know each other better. It’s been a lot of fun and everyone is getting along so well. The mansion is beautiful, and nobody is afraid of it… now that it’s light outside. I hope the location for the next retreat can compare!"

-Kristin Skarupski

Jacob's Thoughts

"This retreat has been the best! We told ghost stories and ate really good food cooked by the amazing Tiffany Gilger. We did a tour of the mansion in the light, not the dark. We saw the first private elevator in Erie, Pa. We also saw some secret passage ways. We woke up this morning to awesome food, had rehearsal and went to see the planetarium show.
Jacob Miaczynski

YPC Erie hard at work already this morning...

After breakfast, YPC Erie gets to work practicing in the ballroom of the Watson-Curtze Mansion.