Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winterlight: A Holiday Concert with YPC Erie

Let's set the scene: picture 75 choristers in small groups laughing and talking together as they decorate for the holidays with carols playing softly in the background. Now picture the older singers slowly turning toward the audience and singing a stirring rendition of "Christmas Time is Here" as the younger singers continue to wrap gifts and hang ornaments. This is how "Winterlight: A Holiday Concert with YPC" began.

Our holiday concert was held on Tuesday, December 21st to a sold out St. Patrick Church in Erie, PA. The night was filled with beautiful music and smiling faces. After the opening song, Cantare took the stage for their set, and their heavenly voices filled the church during John Rutter's "Angels' Carol". They ended their set with an upbeat African Christmas Greeting, "Kuwa Na Krismasi Njema", accompanied by the Pfeiffer-Burleigh World Drummers. The Young Men's Chorus had the audience enthralled from the very first notes of their opening song, Michael McGlynn's "Gaudete". Following intermission, the lights were turned off and the Concert Chorus took our breath away and wowed the audience with a candlelit version of McGlynn's "Jerusalem". After the Young Men joined the Concert Chorus, Chorale performed Will Schmid's "Oh Watch the Stars" with the World Drummers, and then continued their set, ending it with stirring performances of "How Many Christmases" by Jim Papoulis and "Betelehemu", arranged by Barrington Brooks. Cantare came back out to perform the concert's title song, "Winterlight" by Amy F. Bernon with the lights dimmed in front of the nativity scene. Just before the closing number, YPC led the audience in a carol sing-along, although once Santa was on the scene, Cantare members had a very hard time finishing the last carol because their faces were filled with awe as they watched him sneak up on Dr. Bishop! The final song of the night was "Believe" from The Polar Express, and as our emcee Kim Young said, the lyrics were a perfect way to end the night, and a great message for Erie.

Did you miss the holiday concert? After reading the descriptions above or hearing about the concert from your friends, are you wishing you had been there? Were you in attendance, but wishing you could revisit some of your favorite songs? Well, we have very exciting news for you! The concert will be rebroadcast on WQLN and at 7:00 a.m. on December 25th, and again at 3:00 p.m. on December 26th. So, tell your family and friends to tune in and get in the holiday spirit on Christmas morning. What could possibly be better than sitting back with coffee and cocoa, spending time with your loved ones, and listening to beautiful music from Erie's own Young People's Chorus on Christmas morning?

Happy Holidays from all of us at YPC Erie!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

YPC Erie's 2010 Fall Term is Coming to a Close: Past and Upcoming Events

YPC Erie's Concert Chorus, getting ready for a performance during the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra's Holiday Pops Concert

Always time for a goofy shot to get a few laughs before the concert!

Cantare performing at the Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union's Holiday Party

YPC Erie was presented with a very generous donation from the EGEFCU

YPC Erie has certainly had an exciting couple of months! The time seems to be flying by, and before you know it, we will be starting our Spring Term and welcoming new choristers as a result of our upcoming January auditions. Enough about January, let's focus on a review of our November and recent December events, and our upcoming Holiday Concert.

YPC was featured at the annual Africa 6000 Gala on November 6th, where they performed and helped to raise money to fund clean drinking water for communities in Africa. The choristers were very enthusiastic and eager to help such a great cause.

YPC Erie's 3rd Annual Honor Chorus Festival was held November 13th, and was a huge success! Singers from all across the area came together for a day of music-making and friendship-building. The day began with choristers arriving at 8:00 and picking up their music binder and t-shirt, and rehearsals began shortly after that. Rehearsals were intense for all involved, as most of the music performed in the evening concert was learned entirely in one day. Choristers had the opportunity to participate in bonding activities organized by the Penn State Behrend Choirs, and chat with current members about YPC and how to join. The day concluded with a concert held in McGarvey Commons, and featured performances by all YPC Choirs, Penn State Behrend Choir and Chamber Singers, and the Honor Chorus Participants. Fun was had by all, and we hope to see many of our participants back to audition for permanent membership in January!!!

Since we had so much fun at the Honor Chorus Festival, all of the participants were invited to come back the following weekend to sing the National Anthem for an Erie Bayhawks Game! The singers did a great job, and then had fun staying to watch the game.

At the end of November, YPC welcomed a new staff member: Kimberly Morewood, our new Director of Community Engagement. We are very excited to have her with us, and are looking forward to working with her!

After a short break from rehearsals for Thanksgiving, rehearsals began again to gear up for our holiday season. The choirs of YPC Erie had dual performances last weekend that were very well-received by the community. Cantare performed for the Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union's Holiday Party, which included performances of our own music, as well as a sing-along with some very enthusiastic audience members! At the conclusion of the performance, YPC Erie was presented with a very generous donation from EGEFCU, and the choristers all received an individual gift. While Cantare was performing at the Ambassador, Concert Chorus was busy performing at the Warner Theatre for the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra's Holiday Pops Concert. YPC received rave reviews from audience members, and had a great time performing in such a magnificent venue!

Our Fall Term will be drawing to a close with our upcoming holiday concert titled "Winterlight: A Holiday Concert with YPC". The concert will be held on Tuesday, December 21st at Saint Patrick Church in Erie. The concert will feature all of the YPC choristers, as well as a special performance by the Pfeiffer-Burleigh World Drummers. To purchase your tickets for the 2nd annual event, please visit our website at, or call (814)-898-6789.

After our break for the holidays, YPC Erie will be holding auditions for new members from January 3rd-7th. If you or someone you know is interested, please call (814)-898-6789 to schedule an audition!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

YPC Erie's Fall 2010 Tour of Schools!

Photo op before the big day starts...Erie, are you ready for this???

Audience Participation time at Roosevelt!

Performing at Perry Elementary

Dr. Bishop addresses the audience at Perry Elementary

Relaxing after a long day!

The YPC Erie Fall 2010 Tour of Schools with the Cantare ensemble was a great success!

Throughout the day, our Cantare training chorus visited three different schools in the Erie area: Roosevelt, Perry, and Pfeiffer-Burleigh. The choristers began arriving at Penn State at 7:00 a.m., and had a busy schedule until the day ended at 4:30 p.m. After all of the choristers had arrived and were dressed in their concert attire, it was time to begin warming up and discussing our schedule for the rest of the day. By 8:30 we were off to our first school: Roosevelt, where we sang for the 7th and 8th graders. The performance was very well-received, and we even had the middle school students up and moving as we taught them a fun warm-up song!

Following the Roosevelt stop, we made our way to Perry Elementary where we sang for grades K-5, and the students loved all of our songs. We also had the students participate in a warm-up, and no one - not even the teachers - was left out of it!

After Perry, the singers were transported back to campus (via a very loud bus filled with Cantare's version of Miley Cyrus songs), where we had lunch and more rehearsal time. It was important for the singers to discuss each performance throughout the day to continually improve on each song so that every time we performed, we were evolving and learning from our experiences.

Our final stop of the day was at Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary, where we sang for a gymnasium full of students. This time we were able to teach them two of our favorite warm-ups, and it was great to see all of the excited faces as everyone, adults included, joined in the fun!

During each visit, Dr. Bishop and Mrs. Beichner spoke about YPC's upcoming Honor Chorus Festival (by the way, the registration deadline is approaching, check out our website to register!), how students could join the chorus if they liked what they had seen that day, and we even had some of our choristers come up to the mic to give their own testimonials! All in all, Cantare did a great job representing the organization, and we are all very proud of them!

After the singing was over, we returned to campus for snack time, coloring, and a "nature walk". Dr. Bishop received some coloring pages of a crazy-looking conductor (hmm...was this a hint???), and some choristers began calling Mrs. Beichner their "music mom" during the nature walk. (She really would like to know why it couldn't be "music big sister", but I suppose it doesn't have quite the same ring to it...)

It was a great day, and would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people. Thank you to all of the YPC staff, the volunteers, the choristers, the teachers and administrators of the participating schools, and all of the students who made such great audiences! We are already looking forward to our Spring 2011 Tour of Schools!

Friday, September 17, 2010

YPC & Diversity

By Meredith Supinski

Something just clicks when I hear the words "diverse" and "different." It instantly makes me want to participate. I like being different, even though I don't fully understand why. I've learned in classes at school and in life, that when everything is the same, it just does not work to its full ability, and usually ends up falling apart. That's why YPC is so important, because anyone can start an organization, but the real goal is making it an organization that is constantly challenged by the diverse people involved in it. I feel that Erie is a very diverse city with many cultures represented, but to be diverse is sometimes thought to be a bad thing. YPC nourishes the idea of diversity, and lets it grow into something that gives young people opportunities that they would not have without it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Something I Can't Do Without

By Dallas Baker

The commitment of YPC is important to me because YPC is something that is very important to me, and I honestly do not know what I would do without it. Also the commitment is helping me with other commitments that I have now, and other commitments I will have in the future. Every time there is a concert or rehearsal with YPC I always get more advanced with my singing and learn from it. I also feel as if I am committed because being with the group boosts my self- esteem and it is something I enjoy doing, not something I have to do.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why I Made the Commitment

By Kayla McGrath

I made a commitment to YPC because I have loved the organization ever since I heard about it. It is a big part of my life, and I'm very proud of it. I love all the friends I've made and I love how YPC is like a family. Even when I turn 18, and no longer can be in YPC, I plan to do as much as I can to support members of YPC in the future.

YPC In the Community

By Alexgiomuel Gonzalez

I am very excited and proud to be accepted to YPC. I also think YPC is very important to the community, because it not only keeps young people off the streets, but it gives them an opportunity to fulfill their musical goals and set high expectations for themselves.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"In Love with YPC"

By Jacob Miaczynski

I am in LOVE with the Young People's Chorus of Erie because of what it has done for me, and the people that have helped me through this year and a half! At my school I am not the most wanted one there, but with YPC it is a whole different story! I love coming because everything is very special to me. I have made so many friendships, and learned new languages in different songs. We sing this one memorable song called "Oye." In this song everybody is smiling, laughing, and having the time of our lives! I have had so many experiences at Choir Camp, and they are all GOOD ones. I have made so many friendships in the past 2 years! I have stayed connected with some of them for a year until I saw them again. That is how strong the LOVE of FAMILY is in YPC. We all have different backgrounds and in some awesome way, we all love each other so much and we are building LIFELONG relationships. I know the Young People's Chorus of Erie will go on forever, and even when I graduate all around I will go to every concert that YPC has. The 3 words that will be used in YPC the most that will live on forever are LOVE, FAMILY, MUSIC. I love YPC so much, I am CRAZY for it! YPC will live in my heart forever!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Auditions are Coming! Auditions are Coming!

The YPC Erie Fall Term will be starting soon, so if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the YPC Erie Office at 814-898-6789 to schedule your audition!

Auditions will be held weekdays from August 30th-September 10th. Please call to set up a specific time and location.

Feel free to visit our website at: for more information about the program!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Residential Campers perform for Erie Homes for Children and Adults

Residential Camper performance for EHCA

"The Guys"

The Day Campers practice their choreography for "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"...can I get a "Yee-Haw"???

Residential Campers practicing their moves for "Jai Ho"

The dancing shoes were on at the Residential Camp Dance on Thursday night!

The counselors who worked tirelessly to make camp a great experience!

Taking time out for the camera at the dance!

Break it down!!!

Everyone do the "Cupid Shuffle"!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Choir Camp 2010 has come to an end...

I think everyone would agree that this has been an exhausting week, but that all of our hard work paid off big time yesterday! After packing everything up in the dorms, the residential and day campers came together in McGarvey Commons to spend a little time getting ready to say goodbye. We ran a stop-start dress rehearsal to practice moving to and from each song, as the format of the program was slightly different from how the Gala was run.

In no time at all, parents began arriving and it was time to start the program. It was so nice for the campers to have the opportunity to perform for their parents and friends in the final camp performance. Showing everyone what we have been working so hard for all week was a wonderful thing. At the conclusion of the program, I saw more than one teary-eyed parent as the audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation. It must have been very powerful watching their children on stage and seeing how much can be accomplished when a very dedicated group of singers and staff come together to provide a performance of such high quality after only one week!

After the performance was over, the campers said goodbye to each other and eagerly met their parents (some perhaps less eagerly...many campers simply did not want the week to be over so soon!). Nearly 100 campers with their parents and baggage cleared out surprisingly fast, and in very little time, staff members were standing in the lobby thinking "Did this really happen? It's all over, just like that?"

Once again, we would like to say how proud we are of all of the hard work the campers did this week. All of the performances were extremely well-received, and that is in large part due to the dedication and excitement demonstrated by them this week. We would also like to express our thanks to the staff members and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure that the campers had a top-notch experience throughout the week. A very special thanks to the counselors who were literally on-call 24/7 during the week. The campers bonded with their counselors in a very unique way, and I am sure they will not be forgotten!

Although the camp experience has come to an end, the YPC experience is just getting ready to roll for another year! In just a few short weeks we will resume our regular weekly rehearsal schedule, and we would love to see our campers who are not currently members of YPC become permanent members. Please look for information in the mail on what to do if you are interested in enrolling for the fall term. All new and returning choristers will complete an assessment in the first few weeks of the fall term. We are very excited for all of the upcoming events this year!

If you have been following our blog during the week, but did not attend camp, you can also have the opportunity to audition for enrollment and join us in the fall. Please see our website for more information on Fall Term Auditions: You can also call our office at 814-898-6789 for more info. We are also on Facebook, so look for us there as well!

If you attended camp this year and would like to share your thoughts and reflections about the experience, please feel free to comment on the blog or send your reflections to:

We would love to get your pictures from the week posted on Facebook and the blog, so feel free to email your best shots to:

Although the blog posts may not be quite as frequent as they were during camp week, please continue to check the blog, as we will be continuing to post throughout the year to keep everyone updated on all of the exciting things we have going on during the next year!

Friday, August 13, 2010

YPC Erie 2nd Annual Gala a Success!

The final full day of choir camp was a huge success! Everyone including our day campers had a later start time this morning so that everyone would be fresh and ready for the Gala performance tonight. The day began with an all-camp warm-up session and pep talk to get everyone geared up for the rest of the day. Campers had a short practice session to clean up a few items in their songs and then went to lunch. Campers were beginning to feel emotional about leaving camp tomorrow:

"I do not want to leave tomorrow! This week has been awesome and I just can’t wait until next year. I’ve made even more friends this year and I have special ones that I don’t want to say goodbye to. The dance last night was amazing. My best friends for life were all dancing with me and we played all our favorite songs. All the girls dressed up and I had the best time." - Jacob M.

"Choir camp ROCKS!" - Sophia S.

After lunch, the campers were off to the Ambassador to have a dress rehearsal for the Gala performance. The campers thought the facilities were especially beautiful and loved performing in the chandelier-filled ball room. After the dress rehearsal, the campers ate pizza and watched a movie to relax, and then the Gala was off and rolling!

All involved in planning the Gala worked very hard to put on a spectacular event, and they did a phenomenal job. All of the mountain-themed decorations were beautiful, and the campers were staring at the displays every time we walked past them to get into the room. The event opened with a bang when the residential campers performed "Jai Ho", and the energy level established early on in the event only continued to grow throughout the night. The day campers had the crowd laughing while they sang "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain", and then the program closed with our theme song for the week, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". The audience was immediately on their feet at the end of the song. All of the campers put on a top-notch performance, and the YPC staff are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of all involved!

After the Gala performance was over and the day campers were signed out, the residential campers came back to campus to have a campfire cookout and sharing session. The campers had everyone in stitches as they revealed some of their antics that they had been keeping under wraps this week, and many of the campers commented on how much they loved their counselors and how hard the counselors and staff worked to make camp such an amazing experience. It was great to see everyone having such a great time unwinding after an eventful day.

Our camp week is coming to a close with only a half day left. The concert for family and friends promises to be very enjoyable, and will be a great way to close our camp for the year. It will be a very emotional departure for many, if not all, of our campers. The concert is free and open to the public and will begin at 12:30p.m. in McGarvey Commons on the campus of Penn State Behrend. We hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The dancing shoes were on tonight!

Just as predicted, YPC had a very productive afternoon and evening. After swimming and recreation time, campers came back together for a short session to practice in McGarvey Commons, the space we will be holding our family and friends concert in on Saturday afternoon at 12:30 (free and open to the public - hint, hint). The day campers performed their entire set for the residential campers, and had the pleasure of a great reaction to all of the surprises in their rendition of "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain". After performing for the other campers, the day campers were able to watch the residential campers perform "Jai Ho". They love seeing and hearing the song so much that they are completely silent for the entire length of the song. If that doesn't speak volumes about what is in store for you at the concerts this weekend, I don't know what does!

After a very nice dinner together in McGarvey, the campers had a dress rehearsal with the Stephen Trohoske Jazz Trio, who will also be playing at the Gala. The campers were very energetic and excited during the rehearsal, especially with the added bonus of a captive audience in the form of a WICU 12 cameraman!

While the residential campers continued their rehearsal, the day campers were able to spend some quality time together making posters for the Gala and helping to create centerpieces that would be used to decorate for the residential camp dance later in the evening.

After signing out the day campers, YPC staff members had approximately fifteen minutes to transform McGarvey into a decorated dance space, and thanks to some very ambitious volunteers, we were able to have the room converted into a YPC color-themed room, complete with dimmed lights, playlists created by our devoted counselors, and decorations made by the day campers! As the campers waited impatiently in the lobby, the doors were pushed open to reveal the dance space, and a crowd of exhilarated campers rushed in and immediately began to dance. The excitement level in the room was awesome, and campers only stopped dancing to grab a quick drink and snack to refuel for more fun on the dance floor. Having been together for four days now, no one was shy on the dance floor, not even the counselors and YPC staff members...I believe there may even be some photos of Dr. Bishop breakin' it down, much to the delight of all present.

Whether it is while the day campers are soaking in the adrenaline rush when they hear the cheering and applause of their older counterparts after performing for them, or while the residential campers are walking out the door after the fun and camaraderie experienced at the dance, the ear-to-ear smiles on their faces express far more than any blog entry can!

Day Four of Choir Camp week began with the arrival of some very well-rested and VERY energetic day campers (I guess they did go home and rest up after an earlier release time last night!). As the day campers went to start their morning rehearsal session, the residential campers were finishing breakfast and heading to a group sharing session. Campers had the opportunity to give voice to any problems or concerns they were feeling, and afterward the energy in the room at lunch was noticeably changed for the better. We are looking forward to a very productive evening.

“Day four is really fun. We have a dance tonight and everyone is really excited!” – Angel B.

Rockin’ out, wasn’t feeling well, but I’m pushing through and having a blast!!!!” – Kamyah B.

After the first afternoon rehearsal, the day campers went off to the pool (only asking when we were going swimming about 27 times in the hour right before) and the residential campers headed back to the dorm to have some group bonding time. Some were outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and others were inside the lobby area either having a dance party in the corner or using their creativity to create crafts for the Gala on Friday.

After recreation and downtime this afternoon, we will be having our first Gala dress rehearsal, and it will be a treat to see all of the progress the campers have been making this week. It will also be the first opportunity the campers will have to see ALL of the songs that each group has been working on. It is hard to believe that the week is already coming to a close, but all of the hard work is paying off in a big way!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After last night’s performance, the campers had earned a bit of a leisurely morning. The residential campers slept in this morning, and the day campers arrived and had a “getting-to-know-you-better” session. (We learned a lot of very interesting middle names, much to their dismay, and heard many great stories about siblings and crazy pets!) The campers had a busy day ahead, so morning rehearsals began, and they were intense and very productive.

Some meal time comments:

"If you asked me two days ago if I wanted to come to choir camp I would’ve said no, because two days ago I thought that I wouldn’t know anyone and I’d be missing my best friend, and that I wouldn’t get along with anyone. That all changed when I walked in to Smith Chapel on Monday and I saw someone from my school. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss my best friend a lot, but not as much as I thought. Plus, I’m having a great time. Now if you would ask me today if I wanted to come to choir camp, I would say yes without even thinking. I would encourage everyone ages 7-17 to come to YPC choir camp!" - Ashley L.

"Choir camp is the best. I love it. It is so fun to do all of it. The meals are great(thanks, Bruno's!).The pool is awesome. The hikes might be long, but they are fun. Choir camp, you get a 10!" - Amanda C.

The day campers went for an off-campus performance at The Regency this afternoon, and were very excited. Some may think that giving a concert after only two and a half days is a crazy idea, but it is just your typical day at YPC! The day campers had worked very hard on all of their music and dancing, and gave a great performance, even presenting all of the songs from memory! We were very proud of them as each camper ages 7-10 stepped forward and introduced themselves, told the audience where they were from, and some made comments about all of the fun they have been having over the past few days. We were very warmly welcomed by the residents, and the campers had a great first performance experience! Things will just keep getting better and better for this weekend!

After returning from The Regency, the day campers rejoined the residential campers to practice the songs they sing together, and then everyone went down to the picnic grove for a relaxing dinner and great desserts. The day campers left after dinner (hopefully to get a good night’s rest!) and the residential campers got ready for their performance of the day. The residential campers gave a wonderful performance for an audience from Erie Homes for Children and Adults. The audience loved the upbeat songs, and the choreography was looking superb!

Kudos to all campers on a job well done! We are looking forward to more great performances over the next few days!

Bonding in the dorms

Dance Break!

Day camper crafts. Wouldn't you love to see one of these critters hanging on your fridge???

Having a great time during rehearsal
At long last, here are a few photos of our choristers having a great time at YPC Choir Camp! More to follow . . .

The young men of YPC Choir Camp practice their slick moves.

Waiting to depart for Jerry Uht Park to sing the National Anthem for the Erie SeaWolves Game.

Lots of friendships forming this week!

One of our multi-talented campers practicing flute in between singing rehearsals.

Our dedicated choristers practice their moves and music even in their break time!

Campers working hard in rehearsal to prepare for this week's performances!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...and the home of the brave...

This afternoon’s rehearsals were filled with energy as the campers had their first opportunity to perform for each other. It is amazing to see how supportive all the campers are of each other. They are constantly taking every opportunity to help each other with tricky choreography steps and foreign language text.

What an exciting night! The campers had a fantastic time at the ballgame tonight, and their rendition of the national anthem was very well received. Crowd members were complimenting the campers left and right as they exited the field, and it was great for them to have so much positive feedback. They had their fill of “Buck Night” concessions, and because this was kids’ week, there were many other “freebies” handed out as well for the campers to enjoy.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some great action shots from rehearsals and the game!

A night of well-earned rest seems to have paid off in a big way for our campers! The day campers came back this morning all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with both their Spanish lyrics AND dancing in tip-top shape (yesterday these were their two biggest fears), and word is that the residential campers were also in top choreographic form this morning. Parents and friends, you are in for a real treat at the end of the week!

Today's lunch crowd had plenty to say about Choir Camp 2010:

"This week for camp has been great. We had great activities. There was swimming, and tonight we get to sing The National Anthem at the Seawolves game. Hopefully everything will continue to go well through this week!" - David C.

"It has only been two days and I my decision to join YPC [after camp ends] has been greatly influenced. I actually enjoy working hard with other people that want this as bad as I do. In fact, I can tell I am working hard because of how tired I am at the end of the day. I am really excited to learn what they have to offer here and am very thankful I was given this opportunity!" - Katlyn K.

"This is how I know I love YPC : when 3 hours of practice feels like 20 minutes. I have missed YPC all through July, and am so so so happy to be back, doing what I love, again." - Meredith S.

Now we are gearing up for our performance of the National Anthem at the Erie Seawolves Game tonight and all of the campers are getting more exited with each passing moment!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Whew! Today was an exhausting day, but in the words of a day camper at our closing sharing session "it was so worth it"!

You might think that after swimming and crafting downtime the choristers would be a bit on the tired side, but that was not at all the case at this afternoon's rehearsals. The energy levels were very high as both the residential and day campers worked on songs representing the Sierra Madre mountain range for our mountain-themed gala and family concerts. The campers had a great time working with our choreographer to learn their salsa moves for the performance.

At dinnertime, the campers had more good reports to give:

"Today I had a great day. I started to see a lot more in some people here. It is a lot of fun, and so far everyone has been nice. I love YPC!" - Anastasia G.

"YPC is awesome! I made so many new friends already, and the songs are WAY cool. I can't believe I am here. I mean, I've been waiting to be here all year. Trust me, the experience is unbelievably awesome." - Sukayna A.

"Everything in camping is perfect. My roommate is so nice. All the girls and I are in dorms, and even the food is great!" - Brianna M.

After dinner, the campers had to put their dancing shoes back on for an intense choreography and music review session. We ended the day with a share session, and now the day campers are home getting some well-deserved rest, and the residential campers are off watching the video of YPC's recent Carnegie Hall debut. A perfect way to end an exciting and exhausting day!

Choir Camp 2010 is off and running!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

YPC's Choir Camp 2010 is once again off to a very successful start! Students started arriving this morning with bags of all shapes and sizes (I think some of them attempted to bring their entire bedroom, but that is a story for another day...).

The day began with an all-camp meeting and our very first rehearsal of our gala theme song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". The campers are very excited for all of the mountain-themed music we have lined up for the week. We broke into smaller groups to rehearse other numbers before coming back together for lunch, and some of the campers took a few minutes to jot down a few thoughts on the day so far. Here's what they had to say:

"First day of camp, fantastic. I’ve already made some great friends and I can’t wait for the days to come! This is going to be a long week but it’s going to be amazing!" - Kayla M.

"Hey I am having a great time singing and even just talking and having a good time." - Andrew T.

The campers are off to arts and crafts and swimming, and are looking forward to more rehearsal time and learning all the new choreography later today!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YPC Prepares for Choir Camp & "Ain't No Mountain High Enough!"

Our Summer Gala, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough!" will take place on Friday, August 13 at the Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center, located at 7792 Peach Street in Erie. The Gala is YPC's largest fundraiser of the year, generating income to support tuition scholarships, purchase uniforms, support performance and travel costs, and many other expenses YPC incurs throughout the year to maintain a high-quality choral program. This year, nearly 100 singers who are joining us for our 2nd Annual Choir Camp in residence at Penn State Behrend will spend the week preparing to perform for our guests at the Gala. The event will feature a feast of international foods from various mountain regions - the Himalayas, the Alps, the Appalachians, and the Sierra Madre - with great choral music that corresponds to each region performed throughout the evening. Additional music will provided throughout the evening by the Steve Trohoske Jazz Trio. We will have silent & live auction items donated by a wide variety of businesses from around the community and region, as well as raffle items, and an after party that will feature a karaoke bidding contest!

Tickets to the Gala & After Party are available by contacting the YPC office at (814) 898-6789.

Our 2nd Annual Choir Camp will take place August 9-14 on the campus of Penn State Behrend. This year, we have 96 campers who will be participating in this climactic event of the year - a 50% increase over last year's enrollment! We have some very exciting events planned for the week, but our main focus will be on preparing for a sensational Gala performance Friday night. We will close the camp with a family concert at 12:30PM on Saturday, August 14 that will be free & open to the public. The family concert will take place in Bruno's Cafe, in the Reed Union Building at Penn State Behrend.

Parents, friends, and family should check this blog throughout the week for updates from our campers, and photos of our camp activities!

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