Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Week That Changed My Life

My first experience with YPC Erie was the first annual summer camp in 2009. It is literally the week that changed my life. From the welcoming gestures and professionalism of the staff to the
love of singing that the choristers displayed, I knew that I had found my musical home. Seeing and hearing everyone making great music and having a blast while doing it was inspiring! I knew from that week what an incredible organization YPC Erie was becoming.

Fast forward to the second annual summer camp “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”… The excitement of being at the camp was evident not only in how quickly everyone learned and memorized all the songs, lyrics AND movements, but also through the dedication of the campers and staff to create a COMMUNITY of singers. The camp learned of Dr. Bishop’s vision for a group of people who respected and cared for each other regardless of their differences. As a professional youth choral organization that vision continues to be at the heart of who YPC Erie is.

Why should you come to the third annual YPC Erie choir camp? That’s easy. Because you will learn about music and singing, make new friends, perform, be inspired, be motivated and be challenged. Nonetheless, who doesn’t like singing TV show theme songs?! Let it be the week that
changes your life!

Mr. Patrick Rose, Accompanist for YPC Erie Young Men's Chorus

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