Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After last night’s performance, the campers had earned a bit of a leisurely morning. The residential campers slept in this morning, and the day campers arrived and had a “getting-to-know-you-better” session. (We learned a lot of very interesting middle names, much to their dismay, and heard many great stories about siblings and crazy pets!) The campers had a busy day ahead, so morning rehearsals began, and they were intense and very productive.

Some meal time comments:

"If you asked me two days ago if I wanted to come to choir camp I would’ve said no, because two days ago I thought that I wouldn’t know anyone and I’d be missing my best friend, and that I wouldn’t get along with anyone. That all changed when I walked in to Smith Chapel on Monday and I saw someone from my school. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss my best friend a lot, but not as much as I thought. Plus, I’m having a great time. Now if you would ask me today if I wanted to come to choir camp, I would say yes without even thinking. I would encourage everyone ages 7-17 to come to YPC choir camp!" - Ashley L.

"Choir camp is the best. I love it. It is so fun to do all of it. The meals are great(thanks, Bruno's!).The pool is awesome. The hikes might be long, but they are fun. Choir camp, you get a 10!" - Amanda C.

The day campers went for an off-campus performance at The Regency this afternoon, and were very excited. Some may think that giving a concert after only two and a half days is a crazy idea, but it is just your typical day at YPC! The day campers had worked very hard on all of their music and dancing, and gave a great performance, even presenting all of the songs from memory! We were very proud of them as each camper ages 7-10 stepped forward and introduced themselves, told the audience where they were from, and some made comments about all of the fun they have been having over the past few days. We were very warmly welcomed by the residents, and the campers had a great first performance experience! Things will just keep getting better and better for this weekend!

After returning from The Regency, the day campers rejoined the residential campers to practice the songs they sing together, and then everyone went down to the picnic grove for a relaxing dinner and great desserts. The day campers left after dinner (hopefully to get a good night’s rest!) and the residential campers got ready for their performance of the day. The residential campers gave a wonderful performance for an audience from Erie Homes for Children and Adults. The audience loved the upbeat songs, and the choreography was looking superb!

Kudos to all campers on a job well done! We are looking forward to more great performances over the next few days!

Bonding in the dorms

Dance Break!

Day camper crafts. Wouldn't you love to see one of these critters hanging on your fridge???

Having a great time during rehearsal

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