Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Four of Choir Camp week began with the arrival of some very well-rested and VERY energetic day campers (I guess they did go home and rest up after an earlier release time last night!). As the day campers went to start their morning rehearsal session, the residential campers were finishing breakfast and heading to a group sharing session. Campers had the opportunity to give voice to any problems or concerns they were feeling, and afterward the energy in the room at lunch was noticeably changed for the better. We are looking forward to a very productive evening.

“Day four is really fun. We have a dance tonight and everyone is really excited!” – Angel B.

Rockin’ out, wasn’t feeling well, but I’m pushing through and having a blast!!!!” – Kamyah B.

After the first afternoon rehearsal, the day campers went off to the pool (only asking when we were going swimming about 27 times in the hour right before) and the residential campers headed back to the dorm to have some group bonding time. Some were outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and others were inside the lobby area either having a dance party in the corner or using their creativity to create crafts for the Gala on Friday.

After recreation and downtime this afternoon, we will be having our first Gala dress rehearsal, and it will be a treat to see all of the progress the campers have been making this week. It will also be the first opportunity the campers will have to see ALL of the songs that each group has been working on. It is hard to believe that the week is already coming to a close, but all of the hard work is paying off in a big way!

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