Thursday, August 12, 2010

The dancing shoes were on tonight!

Just as predicted, YPC had a very productive afternoon and evening. After swimming and recreation time, campers came back together for a short session to practice in McGarvey Commons, the space we will be holding our family and friends concert in on Saturday afternoon at 12:30 (free and open to the public - hint, hint). The day campers performed their entire set for the residential campers, and had the pleasure of a great reaction to all of the surprises in their rendition of "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain". After performing for the other campers, the day campers were able to watch the residential campers perform "Jai Ho". They love seeing and hearing the song so much that they are completely silent for the entire length of the song. If that doesn't speak volumes about what is in store for you at the concerts this weekend, I don't know what does!

After a very nice dinner together in McGarvey, the campers had a dress rehearsal with the Stephen Trohoske Jazz Trio, who will also be playing at the Gala. The campers were very energetic and excited during the rehearsal, especially with the added bonus of a captive audience in the form of a WICU 12 cameraman!

While the residential campers continued their rehearsal, the day campers were able to spend some quality time together making posters for the Gala and helping to create centerpieces that would be used to decorate for the residential camp dance later in the evening.

After signing out the day campers, YPC staff members had approximately fifteen minutes to transform McGarvey into a decorated dance space, and thanks to some very ambitious volunteers, we were able to have the room converted into a YPC color-themed room, complete with dimmed lights, playlists created by our devoted counselors, and decorations made by the day campers! As the campers waited impatiently in the lobby, the doors were pushed open to reveal the dance space, and a crowd of exhilarated campers rushed in and immediately began to dance. The excitement level in the room was awesome, and campers only stopped dancing to grab a quick drink and snack to refuel for more fun on the dance floor. Having been together for four days now, no one was shy on the dance floor, not even the counselors and YPC staff members...I believe there may even be some photos of Dr. Bishop breakin' it down, much to the delight of all present.

Whether it is while the day campers are soaking in the adrenaline rush when they hear the cheering and applause of their older counterparts after performing for them, or while the residential campers are walking out the door after the fun and camaraderie experienced at the dance, the ear-to-ear smiles on their faces express far more than any blog entry can!

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