Monday, August 9, 2010

Whew! Today was an exhausting day, but in the words of a day camper at our closing sharing session "it was so worth it"!

You might think that after swimming and crafting downtime the choristers would be a bit on the tired side, but that was not at all the case at this afternoon's rehearsals. The energy levels were very high as both the residential and day campers worked on songs representing the Sierra Madre mountain range for our mountain-themed gala and family concerts. The campers had a great time working with our choreographer to learn their salsa moves for the performance.

At dinnertime, the campers had more good reports to give:

"Today I had a great day. I started to see a lot more in some people here. It is a lot of fun, and so far everyone has been nice. I love YPC!" - Anastasia G.

"YPC is awesome! I made so many new friends already, and the songs are WAY cool. I can't believe I am here. I mean, I've been waiting to be here all year. Trust me, the experience is unbelievably awesome." - Sukayna A.

"Everything in camping is perfect. My roommate is so nice. All the girls and I are in dorms, and even the food is great!" - Brianna M.

After dinner, the campers had to put their dancing shoes back on for an intense choreography and music review session. We ended the day with a share session, and now the day campers are home getting some well-deserved rest, and the residential campers are off watching the video of YPC's recent Carnegie Hall debut. A perfect way to end an exciting and exhausting day!

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